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Charles Marcus Consulting Ltd was launched in 2001 following the demerger of the consulting operations of Charles Marcus Ltd, Chartered Accountants. This was professional best practice at the time.

Charles Marcus Ltd had been providing accountancy, consultancy and business advice to entrepreneurs and corporations since 1985. Both firms are now UK members of the CM Global network of Chartered Accountants and management consultancy firms, regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAEW).

We provide a solution to organisations that require a source of talent and experienced consultants to focus on achieving the client objectives in any given project.

Our consultants deliver agreed results without need of further direction from the client. As highly-skilled consultants they are able to decide how, when and where the tasks are to be completed without supervision by the client.

Our consultants are available for short or long term assignments as interim managers, project leaders or skilled members of a multi-disciplinary team. They bring a range of skills in accountancy, IT and engineering across many industries. They have relevant professional qualifications and accreditation of appropriate skills.

Assignments are in UK and overseas. All consultants are permanent employees of the local Charles Marcus company, not associates. In UK they have full employment rights and benefits.
Charles Marcus consultants have the benefit of career independence with the security of permanent employment working on a series of assignments. Pay between assignments maintains continuity of income for credit rating and mortgage applications.
Global Consultancy
Charles Marcus consultants can be engaged by a client in one country while working on the assignment in a different country.
Charles Marcus Consulting will sponsor qualifying individuals for UK work visas.
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We are a member of the Management Consultancies Association and an affiliate of the Institute of Interim Management.
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"Charles Marcus consultants have a flexible income package, compatible with OPWR, with bonus payments for senior consultants. Principal consultants have the opportunity to share in the international profits by investing in CM Global..."
Geoffrey Willies
CEO, Charles Marcus