Charles Marcus is our multinational network of consultancy firms

CM consultants deliver agreed results without need of further direction or control from the client. As highly skilled consultants, we are able to decide how, when and where the tasks are to be completed without supervision by the client.

CM is a multinational service provider for organisations that outsource to experienced consultants who will focus on achieving the client objectives for any given project.

CM provides an on payroll employment solution for independent consultants. CM consultants in UK and Australia are deemed employees of the local company paying payroll taxes on all earnings from work on assignment. We have full employment rights and benefits under local legislation. CM also supports consultants with appropriate tax compliant arrangements for Europe, Switzerland, New Zealand and other countries worldwide working remotely for clients in other countries.

The CMHQ team provides professional support services to contractors and clients. It is responsible for compliance with tax and employment regulations. We have a compliant employment solution.

Our remuneration package is intended to reward, motivate and retain continuity of service to clients. The remuneration rewards the skills involved, as well as the time spent, with provision for continuity of employment between assignments, sick pay and maternity pay. There is flexibility with pension contributions, health cover and for charitable giving. The package is compliant with both the legislation and guidance of the relevant jurisdiction. Agency Worker Regulations do not apply when the assignment is outside the direction and control of the client.

Charles Marcus Ltd was established in 1984 as a firm of Chartered Accountants (ICAEW).

Charles Marcus Consulting Ltd, founded 1989, is a member of The Management Consultancies Association, the leading UK professional body for management consultancy firms.