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About Charles Marcus Overseas Consultants

A Consistent Profile is important in a membership organisation. In this way we develop for the benefit of the majority while taking into consideration the needs of the minority. We are like minded individuals with common interests and similar needs.

All of us are professional management consultants living, or intending to live, overseas away from our home country. We chose to work outside our country of origin. We may be from the Asia-Pacific region working in Europe or from Europe wishing to work in Australia, New Zealand or South East Asia.


Charles Marcus Overseas Consultants


The Charles Marcus Collection responds to the unique needs of consultants by offering under one roof a range of products for the globally mobile consultant. From travel essentials to accessories, including Charles Marcus very own collaborative products with leading luxury manufacturers. Charles Marcus are constantly updating our products to find the essence of premium quality from designers around the world.

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By Consultants for Consultants

The Founders incorporated Charles Marcus Overseas Consultants Inc. (CMOC) to be distinct from the Charles Marcus Consulting Group. CMOC is incorporated in a jurisdiction independent of our consultants’ country of origin or any country in which we may live and work.

We chose a British Dependency with stable corporate governance and a favourable tax regime, with zero corporate tax, no withholding tax on dividends and no personal tax for non residents. CMOC is in separate ownership from the Charles Marcus Consulting Group.


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The Charles Marcus Lifestyle

We have the opportunity to experience new cultures, enjoy new magnificent sights and above all, be prepared for a life changing experience.

Charles Marcus Consulting Group offers employment at home and abroad in pursuit of these aims. We have a great opportunity to develop both professionally and personally that we may not have been able to  achieve back home.