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Off-Payroll Working Rules

The OPWR for the private sector will become effective on 6 April 2021. These rules will be similar to those already applicable to the public sector since 2017. The contribution by highly skilled consultants to the UK economy is recognised by excluding consultancy firms from the scope of OPWR.

OPWR – The truth behind Fake News on IR35 for the private sector

1.The client has no liability for your tax  when your contract is out of scope of OPWR/IR35.  IR35 for the private sector is correctly called off payroll working rules (OPWR) even though HMRC refer to them as IR35.  They are completely different from the deemed salary calculations for PSCs.  In IR35 the client would have […]

Change proposed to off-payroll working rules (OPWR)

Intermediaries which are not personal service companies such as firms of management consultants will be treated differently from personal services companies in the new off-payroll working regime. It has been announced in a written ministerial statement from Jesse Norman, the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, that the new off-payroll working rules which come into effect on […]

Ensure productivity when working from home

In light of COVID-19, organisations are rethinking how to ensure hybrid work is productive.  It needs to be flexible about where and when employees can work. This will apply to both the short term during the pandemic and the longer term, in the post-pandemic world. Both the place and the time need to be addressed; […]

The consulting industry going forward

The Covid-19 crisis has hit hard businesses of all kinds in all industries and consulting is no exception. We are in the a global recession and a pandemic, to survive amongst the chaos, consultants will need to quickly adapt to their client’s needs, in terms of structure, operations and services in this client-driven industry. Consultants […]

What to expect of the workplace in the future

The traditional views on employee productivity in the workplace have been challenged by Covid-19.  Do we still need the rigid office schedules and working policies that most organisations are governed by?  With a large share of the global workforce successfully working from home is it time to rethink the future of work? Many employees pre-coronavirus […]


For the 7th year running, IESE Business School’s Center for Globalization and Strategy has again prepared their list of smart cities. The annual index, co-authored by professors Pascual Berrone and Joan Enric Ricart, analyses the development and progress in 174 cities worldwide across nine dimensions. These dimensions are all needed to create a truly smart […]


The MCA is delighted to announce that Charles Marcus has recently joined the Association. Founded in London in 1984, Charles Marcus encourages highly skilled consultants to live and work outside their country of origin to unlock their career potential. Charles Marcus is a global network of management consulting firms with offices in five countries employing […]


Many companies are still asking employees to work from home. Whether this is your first time, or you regularly WFM, we look at how to stay productive (especially with children home all the time with schools closed). All around the world global companies are either asking or enforcing work-from-home policies amid the spread of Covid-19. […]


Around the world, important measures are being taken to slow the spread of COVID-19, the virus which is first and foremost a human tragedy. Protecting the public health, providing financial support for the ill and unemployed is at the heart of these measures. The response by governments requires two important measures; introduce incentives and relief […]


With falling demand leading to a disrupted supply chain, this will trigger a global economic recession. On a positive side, with a strong monetary and fiscal policy responses already under the way, this could set the stage for a second-half rebound. In the last week, the fight against the coronavirus pandemic around the world has […]