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Charles Marcus is a management consultancy firm, employing highly-skilled, experienced individuals since 1984. We provide a solution to organisations that require a source of talent and experienced consultants to focus on achieving the client’s objective in any given project.

Assignment locations...

This varies with international travel restrictions.
Recent survey was: 65% UK 25% Australia 8% Europe 2% Rest of World.

EMEA - Algeria; Angola; Bahrain; Belgium; Congo; Croatia; Czech Republic; Denmark; Dubai; Egypt; France; Finland; Germany; Hungary; Iceland; India; Ireland; Italy; Jersey; Kazakhstan; Kuwait; Latvia; Luxembourg; Monaco; Morocco; Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Qatar; Saudi Arabia; Serbia; South Africa; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Tunisia; United Arab Emirates; United Kingdom.

ASIA-PACIFIC - Australia; Hong Kong; Malaysia; New Zealand; Papua New Guinea; People’s Republic of China; Singapore; Thailand.

AMERICAS - Antigua & Barbuda; Bahamas; Canada; Mexico; United States of America.

A word from our CEO

Geoffrey Willies graduated from Durham University before qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in 1969 with Ernest & Whinney (now EY) in Manchester, England. He then worked as business analyst in a London bank on some of the first implementations of manual processes to main frame computer installations. The management consultancy career began with Deloitte and subsequently KPMG working in Western Europe, Middle East and North Africa as a government advisor and consultant. Interim management roles were in UK, France, Italy and USA.

Charles Marcus began in 1984 after a direct approach from a British Government Office, a global NGO and a UN body led to a series of assignments needing a dedicated team.

In the 1990s Charles Marcus pioneered the use of clerical staff under contract to replace permanent employees doing routine tasks in London offices. This use of employees, now known as BPO, had previously only been used for manual labour in construction and agricultural industries. The contract style of working became very popular with clients. Charles Marcus built a specialist company providing teams of staff in niche markets. The business was sold in 2001 to a multinational group who applied the concept as BPO to a far wider market.

Charles Marcus employs highly-skilled consultants as permanent employees working on a series of client assignments, all of which are out of scope of OPWR. All Charles Marcus employees have continuity of employment with full rights and benefits. 

Geoffrey Willies

Charles Marcus - our talented people

CMHQ is the heart and mind of Charles Marcus operation rather than a physical place. We are all working from home!
Geoffrey Willies
Geoffrey monitors the potential for change in the incentives which are legitimately available to ensure we all stay totally compliant.
Glenys Mason 
Glenys presides over CMHQ. She is also president of the company in Gstaad which controls the Charles Marcus IP.
Suzanne Sanders 
Suzanne maintains global financial control and compliance with the corresponding regulatory bodies.
Simon Chew
Simon ensures that the Oracle enterprise management system functions effectively.
Glenn Pokorny 
Client Operations
Glenn reviews and negotiates client contracts to protect the interests of our consultants worldwide.
Sue Greene
Consultant Focus
Sue liaises with all our consultants to provide the benefits and support they need from Charles Marcus.
Victoria Mason 
Victoria promotes the Charles Marcus services to potential clients and consultants.
Charles Marcus consultants have the benefit of career independence with the security of permanent employment working on a series of assignments. Pay between assignments maintains continuity of income for credit rating and mortgage applications.