Who are Charles Marcus?
We are highly-skilled consultants with our own multinational network of consultancy firms.
What is the network?
Charles Marcus International AG has been our Swiss entity since 1999. It guards our IP in Gstaad.

Charles Marcus Consulting Ltd has been the most popular since 1984.

Charles Marcus Australia Pty Ltd
is preferred by Australian and New Zealand clients. The Sydney office opened in 1999.

Charles Marcus Netherlands BV
is available to make VAT regulations easier for European Union clients. There has been an office facility in Amsterdam since 2005.

Charles Marcus Sarl was incorporated for Swiss clients in 2010 with an office in Geneva. 
What is in a name?
Charles Marcus is a brand name chosen to inspire confidence in those people associated with it. Charles and Marcus have been the names of influential leaders over centuries. They are also recognisable in most European languages as the names of men and women we know.
And the logo?
The ribbon is what links us all for mutual support of our shared principles. In times of change we need to focus on our common factors for strength against those who would exploit us. The colour of the ribbon is called Burgundy in English. It is the colour of the wine which refreshes our spirits and encourages our social life (when enjoyed in moderation) while we celebrate our achievements.
Why Switzerland?
Switzerland is a neutral country. Independent by long tradition, it has the reputation for financial probity, banking security, legal stability, tax compliance, skiing, lakes and mountains. All the attributes to make it an attractive base for a multi-national network. Clients can be based in any country. They engage in a contract with a selected company in the network.
Where do we work?
The nature of the assignment determines the location with opportunities for remote working. 

Recent survey was:

65% UK
25% Australia
8% Europe
2% Rest of World
Where have we worked since 1984?
EMEA - Algeria; Angola; Bahrain; Belgium; Congo; Croatia; Czech Republic; Denmark; Dubai; Egypt; France; Finland; Germany; Hungary; Iceland; India; Ireland; Italy; Jersey; Kazakhstan; Kuwait; Latvia; Luxembourg; Monaco; Morocco; Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Qatar; Saudi Arabia; Serbia; South Africa; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Tunisia; United Arab Emirates; United Kingdom.

ASIA-PACIFIC - Australia; Hong Kong; Malaysia; New Zealand; Papua New Guinea; People’s Republic of China; Singapore; Thailand.

AMERICAS - Antigua & Barbuda; Bahamas; Canada; Mexico; United States of America.

What is CMHQ?
CMHQ acts as the coordinating entity for the overall benefit of CM consultants. Service includes PI insurance, legal advice on client contracts, global billing and payroll services, tax compliance and financial planning.
What is CML?
Charles Marcus Ltd (CML) is our Chartered Accountancy firm (ICAEW) liaising with HMRC for UK tax compliance. CML provides UK tax advice to individuals and companies. There is a network of accountancy firms for local compliance in other jurisdictions.