Charles Marcus Emails

A email address is allocated to every consultant for use as your personal email address. The email system is operated under our control. Your email address will be used for all email communication with you from Charles Marcus. It is a condition of employment you use your email address.

The email application can be accessed from the shortcut in your NetSuite Employee Centre Homepage.

Clients often issue consultants with a client email address. You must be aware that client email systems are routinely monitored by the client webmaster, particularly personal emails. There are many obvious issues for all parties concerned. Replies to emails from a client email address will be sent to your email address. Many client systems block access to third party emails. This is not an excuse for you to use the client email system for your personal emails.

An email forward can be set up for your email address to forward emails to another address chose at your discretion. Charles Marcus cannot accept any responsibility for breach of confidentiality as a result.

If you have any problems logging into your emails, would like to reset your email password or have an email forward setup, please contact