Flexible Salary Arrangements

Flexible arrangements defer receiving pay to build reserves for future benefits. These have government approval for pension, holiday pay, maternity pay, sick pay and other statutory benefits which are paid subject to PAYE regulations.

HMRC require that every payment to you must comply with the UK tax regulations. Clients need to know that you are compliant.

IR35 requires contractors to be in a payroll with a contract of employment. CM acts as the employer paid by the client. The contractor is the employee paid by CM. There is always a margin between the billing and pay rates.

Employer and employee are free to agree the margin when an employment agency is not an intermediary in the chain to the end client.

Agency Worker Regulations (AWR) control the margin only when an agency is involved in the chain. AWR do not allow deferral for future benefits, not even for statutory benefits.

The Wagestream plan has government approved flexibility to access cash before pay day. This is used in NHS and other low paid sectors. The CM plan has government approved flexibility to defer cash until a later pay day